Daily: Edit

1) Farm the event/weekly dungeons (main source of income)

2) Arena (some income/required rank for some guilds)

3) Train your heroes

4) Campaign if any heroes need the experience

General Tips: Edit

Join a Guild - allows the use of 1 guild hero for dungeon clearing (Note:  Each Guild hero only is useable every 2 days so use them strategically through the dungeons)

Save valuable boosts (anyone who gives HP) for 2x Boost events

Save crowns for 1+ bonus stone events

Don't buy equipment, gains are minimal and not permanent vs boosting/stones

Don't mess Crafting/Materials unless you get a Nightstone, then helm or mail

Pay attention to what you're fighting (Beast, Mirror, etc.) + adjust team appropriately

Use stones wisely (Master+ King/Star) stones especially

Team Composition: Edit

(Un) Общие повреждения: Паладин * - 4, Арчер * - 2, Wizard * - 2, рыцарь - 2, Воин - 2, Rogue - 1

(Un)Common Support: Guard - 3, Priest - 3, Thief - 2 (max steal), Dancer - 2 (4+ later)

Rare: Runebearer - 4, Sniper* - 2, Huntress* - 2, Halberder* - 1

Special: Undead Knight* - 2 (when you have the stones promote/crowns to spare)

*Worth leveling Ultimate

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