Clash of Heroes

Clash of HeroesEdit

Clash of Heroes is a reccuring Arena event. The goal is to kill as many opposing heroes as possible in the arena during the event to gain rewards(shown below) based on kill count and rank.


10 kills Recruit King Stone
30 kills 2,500 Coins
60 kills 3 Recruit King Stones
100 kills 100 Crowns
150 kills Novice Wizard(level 3)
220 kills Novice King Stone
300 kills Recruit Rose Knight(level 20)
400 kills 10,000 Coins
525 kills 300 Crowns
700 kills Elite Rogue(level 10)
900 kills Elite King Stone
1200 kills 35,000 Coins
1700 kills 500 Crowns
2250 kills Master King Stone
3000 kills Master Warrior(level 3)
Top 25 Master Rose Knight(level 20)
Top 3 Legendary Platinum Dragoon(level 1)

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