The hub and hideaway of the bandits in the weald, led by the fiersome black rose.

Enemies: 4712 OVR Edit

  • [[|]] - lv - ovr - hp

Reward: Edit

  • 2000 gold and 4 crowns

Enraged, Lt. Fang challenges your heros to single combat. Who dares face him in battle.

Enemies: 788 OVR Edit

Reward: Edit

  • 1000 gold and 5 crowns

With his pride broke, Lt. Fang rallies what bandit remain to fight for the rose.

Enemies: 5116 OVR Edit

  • Lt. Fang - 130lv - 848ovr - 5479hp
  • [[|]] - lv - ovr - hp

Reward: Edit

  • 4000 gold and 6 crowns

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