Fox Thief



Hero Information
Race Human
Rarity Limited
Movement Range 7-Tiles
Minimum Attack Range 1-Tile
Maximum Attack Range 1-Tile
Promotion and Equipment
Stones 3x Bandit Stone
Weapon Type Daggers
Armor Type Tunic
Headgear Type Cowl

The Fox Thief is an alternate version of the Thief .

Fox ThiefEdit

The Fox Thief is a rare version of the common class that is both cuter than her sister, and offers far better stats when boosted. In fact, Boosting with her will yield 3x the normal HP and a small amount of each stat!

=== Unit Quotes:

  • "What do you want?"
  • "Got any coins?"
  • "Already?"
  • "Finders keepers.", on using her skill.


  • Steal(Battle Skill): Steal [50/75/100/150/200] coins for after battle. Stealing from the same target gives lower coins. {Rank R} (Also deals 50% damage)
    • Skill Range: 1-Tile
    • Cool-down: 1 Turn
  • Pilfer and Plunder(Limit Break): The thief dashes to steal [100/150/200/300/400] coins from each enemy. {Rank N}
    • Break Range: Whole Map
    • Pattern: Damage All (enemies)
  • Passives
    • Reflex: Increase in-battle skill by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R}
    • Acrobatics: Increase in-battle dodge and crit by +[5/6/7/8/10]% (Flat amount). {Rank R}
    • Multi-Strike: This hero has a [50/65/75/85/100]% chance to attack twice. {Rank E}
    • Cheat Death: This hero gains a [20/25/30/40/50]% chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP. {Rank C}
    • Smoke Screen: Enemies within 2 tiles have their chance to hit lowered by [20%]. {Rank L}


  • Boosting a hero with the Fox Thief will yield higher stats.


Max Stats:Edit

These are the max stats attainable through boosting at each ranks. (inventory not included)

Rank\Stat  HP Atk Def Skill Mag Acc Dodg Crit
Recruit Unknown 54 Unknown Unknown 10 85% 20% 15%
Novice 480 110 35 155 20 85% 20% 15%
Elite 860 205 65 285 35 85% 20% 15%
Master 1645 400 120 560 60 85% 20% 15%
Champion 2655 650 195 910 100 85% 20% 15%
Legendary 4375 1080 325 1510 165 85% 20% 15%


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