Enemy Information
Race Mirror
Movement Range 4-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 6-Tiles

Gatlinger Edit

Battle-Skill Edit

  • Long Shot: ?
    • Skill-Range: 10-Tiles
    • Cooldown: 4 Turns

Behavior in-Battle Edit

The Gatlinger stays back, firing arrows at enemies. They will prioritize support units when in reach. If nothing is in reach, or if there an enemy is wounded, they will unleash their dreaded Long Shot attack.

Tips: Edit

  • Take these guys out quickly whenever possible.
  • Keep your allies above half health to avoid them being sniped from across the map.
  • Paladins take up to 50% less damage from Mirror units and give nearby allies a 25% damage reduction. This makes them excellent at shielding your team until you can get in range to kill them.
  • Because of their 6-tile attack range, they can shoot you without being counter-attacked.

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