Heroes can be found across the land, eager to join your battle against the Mirror's army. Over 30 classes, from the nimble Thief to the mighty Dragoon, each with their own personality and strategy in combat.

Heroes Edit

Ferdy Hirawan

Common Edit

These Heroes can be recruited from Bronze hero packs.

Uncommon Edit

These Heroes can be recruited from Bronze and Silver hero packs.

Rare Edit

These Heroes can be recruited from Silver hero packs.


These Heroes can be recruited from Golden hero packs.

Event/Limited Edit

These units can be found only in limited packs and during special events.

Under Development Edit

These Heroes cannot be obtained, but will be available in upcoming updates.


Pumpkin King


Stat comparisonEdit

Stat comparison of all of the max legendary stat bars. Useful for seeing how similar units compare.

Drop Rates Edit

Forum user Omnobo collected data from thousands of drops to compile this chart: Hero Droprates  Hero Droprates.

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