Belly of the Mountain

Hard mode: 5354, 1000g, 3c

Belly of the Mountain 2

Hard mode: 5807, 1000g, 4c

Belly of the Mountain 3

Hard mode: 7397, 1500g, 5c, (reward)

The Great Stairs

Hard mode: 8100, 1000g, 3c

The Great Stairs 2

Hard mode: 9449, 1000g, 4c

The Great Stairs 3

Hard mode: 9711, 1500g, 5c, (Legendary weapon)

Forges of Rebellum

Hard mode: 10455, 1000g, 3c

Forges of Rebellum 2

Hard mode: 12120, 1000g, 4c

Forges of Rebellum 3

Hard mode: 12196, 1500g, 5c, (Spirit stone)

The Last Temple

Hard mode: 45519 OVR 5000g 100c (dungeon reward)

Level OVR HP
Rebellum 999 45519 50000

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